Beware! These healthy foods can make you drowsy!- Part 2

Published in Health Tips, Nutritional Info on 17th January 2021
Can cause acid reflux!

Can cause acid reflux!

You’ve learnt through the previous post that eating some healthy foods like bananas, nuts and dairy products can actually make you feel drowsy and not rejuvenated. They are only a few examples of sleep inducing foods; there are some other healthy foods which can also make you feel drowsy!

  1. Late dinners

You had a crazy day with your friends which usually ends with a late night’s dinner which you eat just before bedtime. Though you may relish the meal, at times, these wrong foods can end with your sleeping a poor night’s sleep. Its repercussion is that you end up feeling groggy, drowsy and sleepy the next day.

In addition to this the culprit acidic foods like meat, eggs and dairy can also lead to nighttime acid reflux. This is because if you eat something acidic about two hours before you sleep, then there’s a chance that it remains in your stomach to trigger some gastro esophageal reflux. So if you are someone who’s suffering from acid reflux attacks quite often, it’s important that you avoid these foods even four hours before you sleep.

However there may be some occasions where you cannot avoid eating close to bedtime. In such situations, you need to stick to eating more of non-acidic or alkaline foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts like almonds. The benefit of eating these foods is that it does not cause GI issues which end up disrupting your sleep!

  1. Your occasional sugary or fatty treat

One drawback to a super-nutritious diet is that when you decide to have a treat, you end up with your body not handling the treat very well. It has been proven through research that your gastro-intestinal tract tends to make adjustments based on what we eat.

So if you usually follow a low-fat and low-sugar diet, you end up producing less gastric juices and enzymes which easily digest fat and sugar. On eating your occasional sugary or fatty treat, your body which has been sued to producing less gastric juices and enzymes cannot digest the food. This leads to a lowering of your energy later on, so much so that you need to take a nap immediately to feel better!

The remedy to avoid feeling sleepy with your occasional treat is not to completely deprive your body of an occasional treat. You just have to decide and remember that when you eat the treat, you have to be ready for the slump which will follow it. You thus have to time your treat so that it does not affect your daily routine, and eat it at some time of the day when you can afford to take a short nap after it.

So now that you know which healthy foods can actually make you sleepy, you have to adjust your meal ideas in such a way that you can enjoy these healthy foods without any risk to your job or your sleep!